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Subscribe to Brian’s email list and get exclusive access to bonus training, daily motivation and inspiration, and more value-added content. No spam. No annoying emails. Unsubscribe at any time.




“People think they want things, but what they really want is depth of being and relationships.”


Brian is an enigmatic engine of high-energy, a keynote speaker and facilitator with more than 20 years of experience in Coaching; Training, Education, and Facilitation; Technology; and Sales and Relationship Management. Brian is a proven thought leader who has successfully created and led training, coaching and leadership programs for technology organizations, as well as coached and influenced high performing teams, for thousands of clients across a large variety of industries.

Having hung up his lifetime's work in the rarified air of C-suite corporate tech, he came to understand his passion. “Pursuing Your Purpose with Passion" is the culmination of his effort to motivate and inspire you to create those daily routines that make taking charge a whole lot easier. He will challenge you to take everything in your life that matters to the next level, and will arm you with practical skills, tools, and habits to do so.

Brian's clients (both teams and individuals) consistently achieve life-changing breakthroughs in their mindset, productivity and relationships; discover and pursue their purpose; and learn to enjoy life with confidence and courage as they seek to be the best version of themselves.

Certified High Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker Brian Gault helps organizations and individuals Pursue their Purpose with Passion and achieve their Next Level Performance.

Brian resides in southern New Hampshire with his loving wife and 3 amazing daughters, where he enjoys investing time with his family and friends, skiing, hiking, surfing, and boogie boarding.

Brian is a Certified High-Performance Coach and provides his clients with a perspective steeped in deep professional experience.  He has operated at the highest levels of some of the largest corporations in the world.  His current book "Morning Motivation" and upcoming book "Pursuing your Purpose with Passion" are manifestos of motivation.



“The High Performance training has proven remarkably effective in helping me articulate obstacles and limitations impacting my daily routines and aligning them with new habits to successfully resolve them. … no matter your overall success in life, there are always opportunities for improvement. Following this program helps identify what those are and provides actionable steps to take.”

– David, functioning executive at global industry-leading firm

“This program showed up for me when I needed it most. I was struggling to stay afloat in my 1st year managing my team due to a lot of team turnover and a relentless load of important, complex work. After winding up in the hospital, I needed to learn to take care of myself first so I could continue to sustain my high performance and also set the best example for my team on how they could be successful without burning out. This program forced me to look inside of myself and face my reality while also giving me the support and tools I needed to start developing new habits & creating a better life.”

– Vice President, Contracts


 “This coaching can be a true turning point for high performing employees that plateaued or are facing burnout. Instead of our company losing these great assets or seeing their performance decline, this course can reinvigorate them to continue and/or exceed that high level of performance going forward.”

– Pam

“I am intentional in my actions. I have the clarity of what is important in my life, acknowledge it and celebrate it... I have the energy, the clarity, the necessity, and the courage to win my day”

– Principal, Consultant

“Thanks again for the opportunity to be a part of this program – I’ve definitely learned things and created memories that will last much longer than our short time together. I joined the program because I was inspired by you but I wasn’t expecting to walk away so inspired by the other members of our group too. It was a special experience to get to go through this with them and for each of us to learn from each other’s humble experiences. Thanks for creating that space for us and of course, for asking all of the challenging questions that you did. It really forced me to look inside and refocus, which has been much needed after a year or more of chaos and health issues.”

– Vice President

“I think this program is a good for all levels of associates. Helps build strength, confidence and trust. Everyone can benefit from being a better, stronger associate. If we all showed up at our best each day, can you imagine the changes we could accomplish? This needs to be accessible from Grade 1 to Grade N. For those lacking self-confidence, this class could give them the boost and support they need to grow.”

– Lynne

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