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Take Charge of Your Business & Your  Life.

If you're feeling stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed or otherwise facing a new reality for you or your business and are struggling with how to make the shift, then join the

Take Charge Challenge Summit!

Business is changing.  And if you haven't been changing with it, you may find yourself left behind.

Staying ahead now means new strategies, new marketing tactics, new habits and lifestyle choices. 

To help you stay competitive, we've gathered some of the premiere Executive, Life and High-Performance Coaches in one place during this pivotal event...

The LIVE was held in September 2020 and for a limited time, you can now access the replays for a drastically reduced rate!  The magic of recorded live sessions, means you get to access the same great content as the actual event...just like you were there, and watch it over and over again!  Now is the time to:

Take Charge of your Business and Your Life!

Enroll today and plan to be blown away with the powerful messages delivered in each presentation over the course of this Summit! 

These powerful presenters have worked with names such as Brendan Burchard and Tony Robbins!  And now, you can learn from some of the best, all in one event!

At the end of each session, you will have access to special bonuses from each presenter, for maximum impact on your life!

*Three days of Life-Changing LIVE virtual sessions with Q&A!

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During this summit, speakers shared valuable insights that will give you new insights into:

  • How to reinvent your life using a tried-and-true blueprint
  • How to find happiness no matter what's going on in life
  • Weathering storms and finding confidence
  • Taking charge of your money
  • Finding and living your purpose
  • Removing limiting beliefs and replacing them with action
  • And SO much more!
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Break through the barriers that are holding you back!

Now more than ever, we all need mechanisms to "Take Charge" of our lives.  Are you ready to learn proven time-tested techniques to optimize your life, health, career, business and influence?

Reserve your seat today for this power-packed LIVE event!

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Meet the Speakers & Puruse the Topics

We've gathered some of the best high-performance coaches throughout North America to give you the most amazing transformational support so you can super-charge your life and your business for astronomical results!

James Kawski

Growth in the Eye of the Storm - Thoughtful Preparation, Applied Perspective, Palpable Progress

Tough times provide us all with the opportunity to grow beyond or boundaries. The greatest stories and successes are forged from the depths of our existential threats. Preparation informs Perspective. Perspective drives Progress.

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Rebecca Mountain 

You've Gone Brain Blind

There's a reason we miss opportunities even though they're right in front of us: we've gone Brain Blind! In this session, I will reveal why it happens, and how to remove your brain blindfold forever so you can take advantage of EVERY opportunity that comes your way to continuously move your business, career or relationships to the next level.

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Dr. Jea Arzberger

reINVENT You Using the Great 8 Dimensions of Life

The COVID crisis impacted every human across the globe, presenting each of us with an opportunity to reinvent ourselves; to develop new skills and superpowers. Weve all been impacted by the fear, stress, and anxiety surrounding us. As the world shifts, it is your time to reimagine the possibilities for your life. Join this session and learn how to design the future of your dreams using The Great 8 Dimensions of Life. Prepare to explore these 8 Dimensions and reveal the BRILLIANCE within you during this session!

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Brian Gault

Pursuing your Purpose with Passion

This motivational talk will empower you to punch today in the face when life punches you. Join Brian and learn how to pursue your purpose with passion, increase your productivity and influence without feeling like youre stuck in Groundhog Day, and adopt a growth and victor mindset, enjoying lifes journey even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

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Shawn Buttner 

Be Unshakable in A Shakeable World:  Why the Skill of Confidence is Important

The most successful people have unshakable confidence.  What’s their secret?  Thankfully, it’s that confidence is a skill anyone can work on and build up, because so many things can shake how we feel in the world.  If you’ve ever had a big life event, world event, or people cause you to play small, you might need to know this framework so that you don’t get stuck in inaction, indecision, and uninspired activity.

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Janet McKee 

Five Surprising Secrets to Unleash Your Personal Power and Achieve Stressless Success

Do you sometimes feel frustrated or even helpless in certain situations for which you feel you have no control?  Do you feel as if you are a victim of all that is happening around you? 

Well, you have more power over the outcome for your life than you ever knew before.

Its time to stop giving your power away by discovering the surprising secrets to a life of passion, purpose, and prosperity.  In this talk you will immediately begin to harness your power from within to master the masterpiece of your life by learning:

  • How to build absolute foundation of self-empowerment
  • How to harness the scientifically proven energy of success
  • How to climb the ladder from frustration to fulfillment
  • How to combat todays pervasive negativity and fear
  • How to utilize the only proven tool to regain your personal power


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Carol Hunter 

Take Charge of Your Money

With the current economic crisis and unemployment increasing daily, it is imperative to conduct a detailed assessment of your personal finances. This session will provide a plethora of practical financial insight to address financial behavior and your current money reality, to identify challenges that prevent a sustainable financial foundation. The content will include the importance of establishing an emergency reserve savings, debt elimination strategies, how to manage credit utilization, estate planning 101, and how to jumpstart your money freedom.

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Dr. Mark Leonard 

Finding Freedom in a Changing World

The world is changing faster than ever before, yet our internal drive remains constant; to find freedom. How do you define freedom? Is it to purchase your dream house, travel the world on a boat, pay the bills, or is it something deeper? During this session we will discuss how you can gain clarity on the life you want to live.

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Christy Byrne Yates & Brad Yates

Tap to Take Charge

When our status quo is challenged, it can feel like walking through shifting sands resulting in anxiety and confusion. How do you show up when sudden crisis hits? Even high performers must contend with sudden setbacks, blocks and life-altering crises. Learn a a simple, powerful strategy - Emotional Freedom Techniques, or Tapping - to reduce anxiety efficiently and effectively so that you shift your mindset to imagine and produce even greater possibilities beyond difficult times.

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Trisha Terns

Influence With or Without Words

Many think in order to be a leader you must be given the permission. They think the influencers out there are "naturally born" that way. 

In reality, a young person seeing you pick up a piece of trash in your neighborhood may influence him to help keep his own neighborhood clean...maybe even for the rest of his life!

Influence is all about communication and demonstration. With and without words.

Does it surprise you that 7% of all communication is verbal? Come learn what goes into the remaining 93%. 

You'll leave this session with a set of fresh eyes, tools and action items that, when implemented, will set you on a path of greater influence with your friends, colleagues, strangers, those you serve, and those you love. Can't wait to see you there!

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Jola Pypno-Crapanzano 

The Happiness X Factor - Confessions of the Travelholic and Personal Development Junkie

 It takes time, in ones life, to figure things out. For me, I had an epiphany when I realized Happiness and it’s next of kin, Joy, are chosen. You can generate Happiness and Joy. You can deflect the onslaught of life that drains you of Happiness and Joy. Your pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right; no one can take away your desire to be happy. How can you be happy? It’s as easy a flipping a switch. Join me and learn how.

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Shawn Johal  

The Happy Leader

 We are living in a world of endless stress.  Leaders are struggling to balance work with their family life.  Expectations are sky high and there is a belief that both lasting happiness and professional success are exclusive.  I disagree.  There are several ways to achieve this harmony.  I have created a Happiness Roadmap that helps Leaders get back on track.

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